Luxury Corporate Housing & Apartment Rentals in Houston, TX


We have all of our client’s temporary needs for leasing an apartment. All of our apartments offer Luxury style amenities, convenient location and plenty of room to make your stay pleasant. The search for convenient and luxurious corporate housing that is close to the Medical Center, Galleria, Downtown is over, so wherever you need to be we’ll have you covered. We’ll provide you with the best accommodations to fit your style, budget and of course your travels.

Our fully furnished apartments offer the luxury that we all aspire and location convenience within a mile from all hospitals located in Houston Medical Center. Whether you arrange temporary living, hospital visitation, tourism and long term housing, Nova Corporate Housing delivers exceptional experience. We are currently providing Corporate Housing Services in five different areas listed below. Please contact us for more information on our luxury apartment rentals in Houston, TX.

Guest Survey Report

Customer Service 96%
Comfort 100%
Cleanliness 100%
Overall 99%


Professional Valet Service in Houston, TX

With Nova Valet Service, you can expect a professional service. We offer valet for a variety of special occasions,regular, or as needed basis from hotels to corporate events. Valet services have proved to increase: parking-related revenue, security of vehicles, prestige of the business.

Nova is your answer for affordable, friendly and luxury transportation services. We are committed to offering our clients the highest quality of service, you’ll be relaxed with comfortable accommodations and enjoy a safe and professional service. Please contact us for more information on our valet services in Houston, TX.

Service Satisfaction Report

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  • Satisfied
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  • Not Satisfied


I stayed with Nova Corporate housing. The apartments were very beautiful and clean. They have complimentary pick-up/drop-off to the airport. They also have a very fast service. They reply to your emails very quickly. Overall I highly recommend Nova Corporate Housing and I enjoyed my stay.

Dave Kline

Just returned from a 6 week stay at the Elan Med Center that I arranged with Nova. The service was exceptional. We were met at the apartment complex when we arrived and were very happy with both the location and the quality of our apartment.


Great service, Clean Apartments, Professional job, Highly recommend

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